Skin Roller System 540


Micro-needle therapy uses natural methods to stimulate collagen hyperplasia without damaging the epidermal layer of the skin, thereby awakening and enhancing the regenerative function of the skin.


1. Cleansing: wash your face

2. Face disinfection: 70% medicinal alcohol to wipe the face, you can use alcohol cotton tablets, or alcohol spray

3. Micro-needle disinfection: rinse the micro-needle with boiled water,  dry and disinfect with 70% medicinal alcohol

4. Aseptic operation: Please pay attention to disinfection before using the micro-needle!

5. Start rolling: the rolling area is divided into forehead, face and chin, needle roller strike is the shape of the cross, that is, horizontal, vertical and diagonal. 5 times in each direction, the intensity is mild or moderate, not too hard, especially sensitive skin, the intensity is mild. The strength and speed of the entire face roll should be consistent. Each operation time is about 15 minutes. Depending on the speed and proficiency of each person, the time is slightly different, but it cannot exceed 60 minutes!

6. After rolling, moisturize: after the micro-needle operation, pay attention to facial moisturizing, you can use a high moisturizing essence / cream, and then apply the ice mask, the same, no stimulating mild products

7.  Post-rolling disinfection: Rinse the micro-needle with warm water after boiling, sterilize it with 70% medicinal alcohol, and then store it in a roller box.


1x Plastic Derma Roller with 0.25 mm Titanium needles ( count - 540 )

1x Transparent plastic case for safekeeping